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I'm Robert Pattinson. You stay classy, LiveJournal.


Pattinson Life
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All and everything Robert Pattinson!

about us.

Welcome to pattinsonlife, a community dedicated to Robert Pattinson. Feel free to post any news, pictures, and picspams related to Robert here.

community rules;
please be sure to read.

001. No Rob Bashing. Any and all posts like this will be deleted. And comments dubbed as such will be deleted. And the member(s) that violate this rule will be warned/banned accordingly.

002. Rob Only Posts Please. First and foremost this is a Robert Pattinson community. And we have to ask that all post please be on-topic (i.e.: Rob has to be in that story/video/audio/picspam somewhere) and related to Rob in one way or another. Rob movie related news (release dates/plot summaries/set visits) are of course always welcome, but news stories on Rob's co-stars aren't really appropriate here.

003a. Weekly Graphics Posts. We have Weekly Graphic Posts (Wednesdays of each week). Any and all icon/wallpaper/fanmixes posts should be directed there. Gif posts that are not in an icon posts, and are for the members to use freely, are exempt. But all Individual icon/wallpaper/fanmix posts will be deleted without notice. Sorry in advance for this.

003b. Regarding Picspams. If you have a picspam that is NOT directly posted IN this community, AND/OR is NOT part of our Pattinsonlife's Rob Spamming Picspam Contest... (i.e.: Basically if you're linking to an outside journal/community). Then you will need to direct your picspam(s) to our Weekly Graphics Posts. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

004. Weekly Request Posts. We also have Weekly Request Posts. All requests should be directed in these posts. And hopefully a fellow member can help you out with your request(s). :) And again that means we'll be deleting all individual request posts. Again sorry in advance.

005. Promoting On Pattinson Life. Whether it be another LJ comm or an outside site. See this post post regarding our rules on promotion, or comment on the most recent promotional round up to be included in the next one. Promotion is not allowed to be posted directly to the community any longer. (This would also include any type of project where you'd want pattinsonlife's name on.) See our Contact-A-Mod Section below.

006. Crediting Pattinson Life. We have been having some issues lately about credit on things coming from pattinsonlife. If you see something here that you haven't see before and decide to post it in another comm, we ask that you please credit the community and/or the OP. Our members work very hard to find information about Rob, and to take it and post it as if you have found it is a slap in the face. So please, please, credit us if you take something from here, and also if you take something from another community and post it here, credit them. It's only fair.

007. Tagging Posts on Pattinsonlife. Our tags are located [here]. If you make a post please tag it. It makes things so much easier to find in the future when you need them. Yes we have quite a few amusing tags, and you don't have to use them if you don't want to. But make sure to tag at least the basics. If you are making a post and don't see a tag that you would need, contact a mod and we will make it for you.

008. The Mods Only Want to Help. If one of the 7 mods comments in your post with a subject title "Mod" please heed whatever advice they give you, be it improving your post with a different link or picture or what have you. Remember to remain respectful :)

009. General Community Rules Apply.
- If you're posting a big picture please use an lj-cut.
- If you take any graphics posted please remember to credit
- No drama! Be respectful of one another. No bashing one other will be tolerated here.

pattinsonlife survival kit;
useful links.

Mod Posts | Page-A-Mod Post | Tags
Weekly Graphics Posts | Weekly Request Posts | Questions about membership/Why was I rejected?

Rob Spamming: (info) | (sign up) | (entries)

Picture Posts | Video Posts | Gif Posts | Spam Posts

Goblet of Fire | Bad Mother's Handbook | The Haunted Airman
How to Be | Little Ashes | Remember Me | The Summer House
Bel Ami | Unbound Captives

Twilight | New Moon | Eclipse

how to reach a mod.

Any questions, comments, or concerns. Feel free to use our Page-A-Mod system. Or PM any of the mods. And we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible! Please remember, if you are messaging a mod, to have your private messages turned on as well, so that we are able to reply to you. Those settings can be changed here under contact info.

please do not message mods about membership!

robert pattinson life;
pattinsonlife's partner blog.

Can't get to Live Journal fast enough? Be sure to visit out partner blog Robert Pattinson Life. One of the most up-to-date places to find Rob news and pictures.

link to us;
show your support for the comm.

If you're a fan of the community and feel like promoting us, snag a button. You can copy/paste the code below where ever you'd like.

behind the scenes thank you's.

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pattinsonlife's online family.

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